Video Production

Films, adverts, music videos among others are part of the world today, the world of production. Entertainment and information passing is booming business nowadays. That being said it is important to discuss some of the aspects of production including video production, animations and commercials.

Video production

It is the process of creating videos by combining many moving images into one. It is done by a video producer whose job is to be the overall boss in the whole process. The video producer gives the creative direction. He or she oversees all the creative aspects of a video from costumes to cast members.

● A video producer sets the budget

● He or she assists the script writer in coming up with the script

● They pass all communication to the team

● They set production deadlines

Video production is made up of three steps. These are:

1. Pre-production stage

This stage is where the idea of the production is formed. Here there is no filming taking place. Everything about the production is discussed. Locations are selected as well as the cast. The crew is chosen and script is written.

2. Production stage

Cast and crew head out to chosen locations to start the filming process. Every scene is acted out and saved for the next stage.

3. Post production stage

Here is where the scenes from the previous stage are compiled to make the full production. Here there is the adding of effects and merging the video to audio.


They are paid advertisements on any platform that targets a specific market and generates sales, profits and awareness. They can be done to introduce a new product to the market, to inform about an event or promote sales of an already existing product in the market.


It is the process of manipulating images to look like videos. Animations can be pencil drawn or computer generated. Here are the different types of animation:

● Traditional hand drawn animation

● Vector based which is 2Dimensional

● Computer animation which is 3Dimensional

● Motion graphics these are animated logos

Animated commercials

All organizations are going this way to advertise their products. With the advancement in technology today, most organizations and companies use animations to advertise their services and why not it is an effective and efficient way to advertise.

Why choose animated commercials

● They are cheaper to shoot because they only require an animated cast and voice actors.

● They are creative. No company can come up with the same concept

● They are humorous meaning that the audience will remain entertained

● They are more engaging

● They are used to explain a complex message simply

Animated commercials are increasingly changing the game of advertising. They are easier and more cost effective. They are fun for everyone hence is loved.