Driving Tips

Check Car’s Lights

The visibility gets lower in winters so you must check car’s lights before leaving home as it might be risky if the lights are not fully functional. Headlights help you to see the vehicles moving ahead of you and the tail lights signal your presence on the road to the vehicles running behind you. So, it’s an integral part of safe driving.

Check Wipers

The car windows fog up in winters making it difficult to see outside. So, you must check the wipers are properly working to wipe out the dew drops on the window. Both the wipers should be in working condition before you take your car out on a foggy day.

Be Slow

It’s difficult to control a vehicle moving at high speed. So, it’s better to drive slow and keep it under your control. Being slow gives you ample time to prevent any mishap which could have been life-threatening.

Keep a Little Space in Side Windows

A car packed from every side might miss any signal of the horn on a foggy day. So, it’s better to keep a little space in the side windows to let the sound come in. It helps you to be alert every time, and all these fine details are the part of Calgary Driver Training.

Use Heater

Use the heater to warm yourself as well as to clean the windows. If the windows are cool inside the dew drops can freeze making it difficult to look outside. Heater makes the car warmer, and the dew drops evaporate from it giving you a clear view.

Be Calm and Relaxed

When fog makes driving in Calgary difficult, you should be calm and relaxed as getting frustrated may get you to lose your cool, which is harmful. However, Calgary Driver Training makes you perfect at controlling the car in any condition.

Keep Distance

When the visibility is low, it’s better to maintain distance from other vehicles as minor negligence can lead to hitting the other car which is dangerous.